Articles of ESS

Chapter one: Basic program

1. The name of our Society is the Engineering Science Society, abbreviated as ESS.

2. ESS complies with international laws and regulations and consciously strengthens the construction of integrity and self-discipline.

3. As a not-for-profit organization, EES reinvest surplus funds back into the global scientific community, supporting its mission to advance excellence in the discovery for our human beings and surrounding ecosystems.

4. ESS is headquartered in Chongqing, China. Website:


Chapter two: Business scope

1. Organize and carry out international academic exchange activities in the field of frontier science, enhance the contact and exchange of scientific researchers, and strengthen the contact and cooperation with other international academic organizations.

2. To edit and publish academic journals and books, and to conduct compilation and review of scientific documents and standards.

3. To reward and commend scientific researchers who have made outstanding contributions.


Chapter three: Membership

1. ESS members are divided into individual members and unit members. Experts and scholars who have high academic achievements and are willing to communicate and cooperate with the society can be admitted as members after being discussed and approved by the ESS Council.

2. ESS follows the principles of voluntary membership and free withdrawal, and membership members are required to pay the prescribed membership fees on time.