Membership regulations

Collective member rights and obligations

Individual membership rights

1. Give priority to access to information on academic activities organized by ESS and give priority to co-organizers;

2. Prioritize receiving various academic awards implemented by the ESS and participating in academic committees;

3. The right to criticize, suggest and supervise the work of the ESS;

4. Unit members enjoy the right to withdraw freely. Withdrawal of the association should be notified in writing in advance and returned to the unit membership certificate.


Individual membership obligations

1. Pay membership fees on time according to ESS regulations;

2. Abide by the constitution of the society, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the society, consciously maintain the image of the society, implement the resolutions of the council of the society, and accept the relevant work entrusted by the society;

3. Participate in and support ESS academic conferences, exchange activities, results promotion and other related activities;

4. Actively promote ESS activities within member units.


Note:A member of a Collective member who intends to become an individual member needs to apply separately.