International Frontier Summit on Sustainable and Green Chemical Engineering, 27 - 30 September, 2024, Xiangtan University

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International Frontier Summit on Sustainable and Green Chemical Engineering

September 27- 30, 2024

Huayin International Hotel, Xiangtan, Yuhu District, Xiangtan, Hunan


International Frontier Summit on Sustainable and Green Chemical Engineering (IFSSGCE) 2024, jointly hosted by the Engineered Science Society (ESS) and Xiangtan University, will take place from September 27 to 30, 2024, in Xiangtan, Hunan Province. The IFSSGCE 2024 organizing committee extends a warm invitation to experts, scholars, and industry representatives worldwide in the fields of advanced science and engineering to attend this conference in Xiangtan.


The Engineered Science Society (ESS), supported by the Engineered Science Publisher, is dedicated to organizing influential academic conferences and related activities. This year, ESS is collaborating with Xiangtan University to present IFSSGCE 2024, featuring plenary lectures, keynote speeches, invited talks, oral presentations, exhibitions, and poster sessions. The summit will focus on the latest developments, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative applications in composite materials, aiming to advance this field globally. Additionally, sessions will be held to expand the editorial boards and organizational structures of ESS journals.


To support the ongoing development of the conference and foster connections among young scholars and students, IFSSGCE 2024 will include the Young Research Award and Best Poster Award. Special events for the ESS journals' Best Paper Award and Outstanding Contribution Award will also be held.


The organizing committee sincerely invites and warmly welcomes all experts, scholars, industry colleagues, and graduate students to Xiangtan to discuss the future of journal development.


Distinguished Speakers


Prof. Zeng, Hongbo: Tenured Professor at the University of Alberta's Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and National Chair Professor.


Prof. Guo, Zhanhu: Professor at Northumbria University, highly cited researcher in materials science (ranked 86th globally), Fellow of the Indian Chemical Society, and Editor/Associate Editor of Eng. Sci., Adv. Compos. Hybrid Mater., and RSC Adv.


Prof. Luo, Yangchao: Professor at the University of Connecticut, expert in chemical engineering, sustainable agriculture and food processing. Editor in Chief of J. Agri. Food Res., Associate Editor in Chief of Int. J. Biol. Macromol.

Summit Topics

(A) Carbon Neutrality and Low-Carbon Chemical Engineering

(B) Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

(C) Process Intensification and Simulation in Chemical Engineering

(D) High Value-Added Chemicals

(E) Other Advanced Engineering Materials

Accepted conference papers will be given priority for publication in Scopus Q1 journals such as ES Energy & Environment, Engineered Science, and ES Materials & Manufacturing.

Please visit the conference's official website to complete the registration process. The early bird registration discount is available until June 20, 2024. For more details, please refer to the official conference newsletter.




27 September


Arrival and Resignation

28 September


Opening Ceremony


Oral Presentation




Oral Presentation




Oral Presentation


Gala Dinner

29 September


Oral Presentation




Journal Development Discussion

30 September



1) Registration and Payment


Full Registration

Student Registration

If Paid by 20 August 2024
       USD 450        USD 350
If Paid by 26 August 2024
        USD 500        USD 350

The banquet dinner is included in full registration. For student attendants and additional guests, the banquet dinner can be purchased alongside the registration for $50 per person.

Accomodation Information (To be added):

Hotels conveniently located within walking distance of the conference venue, along with the agreed-upon room rates are listed below. If you chose to live in any of these hotels, please indicate your room and date preferences during the registration, we will add the cost to your invoice.

2) Late/Onsite Registration and Payment

After 26 July 2024, only onsite registration and cash payment can be accepted.

Rates (Cash Only)

Full Registration

Student Registration

After 26 September 2024
        USD 600        USD 350

3) Fees and Participation

How to register, pay, view and download payment records
3.1 Create a user account with the registration portal.
3.2 Login and click “Registration”.  Follow the given steps to complete the online form. Once completed,
(a) A Registration ID will be assigned. Invoice and payment instructions can be viewed online under “registration account”.
(b) You can pay fees immediately (recommended) or later. However, late fees will apply (if paid after 23 September 2024).
3.3 A receipt can only be issued after payment is cleared. You can view online and/or print your copy with your user account.
3.4 Online portal closes on 23th Seotember 2024. After 23th September 2024, registration can only be made onsite.
3.5 Admission to the conference is on the condition that any fees owing to the conference (including late registration) must be paid onsite at the registration desk. 


4) Each Paid Registration Fee Covers One Presentation Only 

5) Student Registration

If selecting this option, you must upload the student status proof.  This can be in the form of a letter issued by the school or a matriculation card. Without the student status proof, payment at student rates cannot be accepted. The proof document must be in English and should contain at least the following:

  1. Student name

  2. Student matriculation number (student ID with photo)

  3. Expiration date or Expected graduation date (this should be later than the conference date)

  4. University name

6) Registration Withdrawal / Cancellation Policies
1) Authors must register and pay by 15th Seotember 2024 to have their Abstracts included in the conference program and any publications produced for distribution at the conference.
2) There will be no refund for withdrawal/cancellation notices received after 20th August 2024. For a notice received before 20th June 2024, an administration fee of USD 100 will apply.

7) Payment Methods

Option 1 USD payment

Please wire registration fee to the following:

Engineered Science Publisher LLC

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Phone: 626 991 0299

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Bank Address: 11513 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37934

Option 2 Chinese RMB payment

The conference organising secretariat will issue the invoice for payment via bank transfer.

Registration Type

Registration fee

Terms of payment


Ordinary Representatives


3000 RMB

Account nameChongqing Huancai Material

Technology Co., Ltd.

Bank nameAgricultural Bank of China Co.,

Ltd. Chongqing Banan Dajiang branch

Bank account number:31101301040005993


Student representatives


2500 RMB

Remarks: Electronic invoice can be issued for the conference registration fee, if necessary, you can contact the organizing committee, the invoice content for the technical exchange conference fee.

Option 3 Chinese RMB WeChat payment

Other payment methods (WeChat Payment)


Note: For WeChat remittance, please indicate "JDAS 2024-XXX (registrant's name)" in the memo; please upload the remittance voucher on the conference website after remittance by offline transfer, and consult with us if you have any questions: Duo Pan  18581461261  or

Special reminder:

1.  The  above  charges  include  conference  registration   fee  and  material   fee,  excluding accommodation fee and transportation fee during the conference.

2. The content of our invitation letter can be filled in according to the requirements of the participating teachers in order to facilitate your travel arrangement


Guideline for your abstract submission

Submission Deadline: 20 September 2024

1) Preparing an Abstract

Please use this abstract template for both oral and poster presentation preparation: 

Engineered Science IFSSGCE2024 Abstract Template for oral and poster.docx

When you are submitting the abstract, the file name of abstract should be in this format:

(Name)_(symposium).docx (e.g. J. Doe_Renewable and Sustainable Energy.docx)

2) Submitting an Abstract

Once you complete the abstract using the provided template, indicating oral or poster presentation at the top of your abstract, then please submit through your personal conference account submission portal.

3) Review and Acceptance Process

The conference team will review and assess the submission time by time, the outcome of your submission will be released by email.

Selected type of presentation and symposium will be granted whenever possible; conference team reserve the final right to modify arrangements.